Full Face Waxing

Eyebrow Waxing

Embracing the most advanced treatments we use hard wax specifically designed for delicate skin, ensuring that you always leave with healthy, silky smooth skin, no matter what your skin condition

To avoid cross-contamination, we NEVER double dip and we provide an immaculate and comfortable retreat to guarantee you peace of mind

We offer nothing but the best in personalized beautifying treatments tailored to suit you.

Our services are aimed at enhancing what you already have, so you can glow with confidence.

Service description:
20 minutes (Plus brow make up)
$25 CAD + Tax
Service description:
45 minutes
$45 CAD + Tax

Chin & Upper Lip

Service description:
15 minutes 
$18 CAD + Tax

Eyebrows & Upper Lips

Service description:
10 minutes  "each"
$10 CAD + Tax "each"

Individual Face Area Waxing

Service description:
25 minutes 
$30 CAD + Tax
Sideburn and Cheek (one side)
Upper Lip 

Neck Waxing 

Service description:
20 minutes 
$15 CAD + Tax